About us

RefuTales was founded by three friends who shared a common vision of happy and productive co-habitation of refugees and hosts. Together they decided to join forces to help turn their vision into reality.

Each of them brings their own particular perspective and skills to the project: Being a refugee herself, Sajida knows what it’s like to be a refugee, what could improve and has an extensive network of co-refugees. Cambridge-educated physicist and former student leader Cornelius knows how to spot and fight inefficiencies in calcified bureaucracies. With Masters in Gender & Diversity and Law, passionate poet Dorien is well-placed to aspects of human rights, equality and empowerment.

Read in-depth profiles about each of them by clicking on the respective links: Sajida, Cornelius, Dorien.

Since its foundation, RefuTales’ team has grown successfully. Read more about our dedicated contributors and partners here.