Cornelius Roemer

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Cornelius Roemer is co-founder, webmaster and editor of RefuTales. He has just graduated with a First Class Master’s in Physics from Trinity College, Cambridge, having been born and schooled in Germany. He’s now on a gap year, staying in Airbnbs all around Europe, learning new languages, blogging and playing Volleyball.

During his time at Cambridge, Cornelius was a dedicated student representative as Trustee on the University Council and President of Trinity College Students’ Union – fighting bureaucracy and inefficiency in an 800 year old institution.

Having successfully lived in many different countries, Cornelius is optimistic about the integration prospects of newly arrived refugees as long as they’re given the freedom to decide over their own lives. It is hard to reach full potential when hindered by inflexible rules and bureaucracy. Cornelius believes that hosts should treat refugees how they would like to be treated themselves. He was shocked to learn that Germany requires highly educated Syrian refugees who speak fluent English to attend integration courses and to learn German, even if they could already find work for themselves.

As a small step away from the patronising helper / help-seeker paradigm that is so prevalent in host countries, Cornelius decided to found RefuTales.  He hopes to allow refugees to raise awareness of the countless problems they encounter everyday and to let them offer constructive solutions.

Find out more about him on LinkedIn, Twitter and his personal website. You can contact him at