Dorien Dierckx

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Dorien Dierckx is co-founder, writer and editor of RefuTales. She grew up in Belgium and Luxembourg. She currently works as a staff lawyer at Zorgnet-Icuro—the Flemish federation of hospitals, nursing homes and mental healthcare institutions. The interplay between legal tasks and policy work fits her like a glove. Ex-officio, she is member of several official bodies such as the Belgian federal commission for the rights of patients.

After completing her Master of Law, she did an advanced Master in Notarial Studies. Dorien finds that her educational background helps her in the fight for social justice. Equality and human rights have always been close to her heart. To provide an intellectual foundation for her passion, she decided to pursue the interdisciplinary Master of Gender and Diversity. This course has opened her eyes to the importance of open and unequivocal debates, particulary due to the enrichment that diverse views can offer.

In the autumn of 2015, Dorien worked as a political intern for a liberal Member of the European Parliament. The refugee question (often inappropriately called ‘refugee crisis’) was then as much as today a hot topic. Her internship was an eye opening experience, instilling in her a deep respect for the dedication of European Politicians despite their limited powers. Yet, she also saw how out of touch with reality European politics was. Although politicians and bureaucrats are knowledgeable about scientific studies, refugees themselves are rarely listened to.

The same trend can be noticed in current affairs. Despite there being more and more humanising stories about refugees in the media, they are mostly limited to emotional and historical questions. Without wanting to reduce the value of these publications, Dorien is searching for solutions to current and future challenges — in the first place to open her own mind, but ideally to stir a broader debate.

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