What is RefuTales about?

Based on testimonies of refugees, RefuTales publishes new insights into what it is like for refugees in Europe. Our goal is to set up an opinion network. The focus is on barriers to integration that refugees encounter in their new host countries and how these can be solved.

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More than a million refugees have arrived in Europe in the past two years. The topic has since dominated public debate, yet the European media rarely report from the perspective of refugees. Given the valuable insights that refugees can offer about their own situation, this is astonishing.

If you want to learn more about the philosophy behind RefuTales, you can do so here: Our Philosophy.

What is RefuTales’ approach?

RefuTales has a large and growing network of refugees, all of whom have fascinating stories. After interviews, their insights will be recounted in regular blog posts, currently available in English, Dutch and German.

In the long term, RefuTales will summarise key insights from the accounts of refugees. These insights will be used to enter into a constructive dialogue with policy makers.

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